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Creating the Table of Contents Using Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016

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This is a step by step video on creating the table of contents and modifying the styles using Word 2007 or 2010. The concepts are the same for any word processor. For more info. see also our website: http://kaceli.com....

If you want to take get a deeper understanding of Microsoft Access, take a look at http://learn.kaceli.com...

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In this tech talk I'm going to cover creating a table of contents in Microsoft Word the process and concept is the same among any version of word processing software for demonstration purposes I'm using Microsoft Word 2010 a table of contents is a list of the parts of a book or document organized in the order in which the parts appear the contents usually include the titles or descriptions of the first-level headers such as chapter titles and longer works and often includes second-level titles or section titles within the chapters as well and occasionally even third level titles or subsections like in this example here so we have first level second level and then sometimes you can have also third level sections depending on how long the report or the book is so the question is how do we go about creating a table of contents so for the sake of demonstrating this I'm using just a document that I copied from the internet and put it in Microsoft Word so this is a long report 24 pages at this point and we want to create a table of contents the concept of table of contents is very simple it's basically you just have to go through each section of the document and specify what type of heading that section is so in our case here this is our title so we select this and we mark this as heading number 1 for example then we scroll down let's say this section here this is heading number 2 notice it's under styles here on the very top and then we scroll further down throughout the document or the report and specify the headers for each section of the report in this area for example let's say we want this as heading number two and then this we could specify it as heading number three and note that you can specify heading number three unless you have specified somewhere heading number two so basically can't have two heather's or two levels down without having done the previous one and you go through the document however it's logically organized and specify with every type of head if it falls under and say this is heading to.

Heading number three say heading number four for whatever reason and go all the way to the top let's say heading number one you're starting a new chapter a new section or some sort and then heading number one as well for this section okay.

So basically you're just going throughout the document he said and marking it as to what level it falls as far as a logical organization of the document at this point let's say we are done with marking the whole document and we go to the very top we assume that you want the contents or the table of contents on the very top so we hit enter once and then we want to insert the table of contents click on references and then you choose table of contents once you click on the table of contents we have different designs and you simply pick the design that you prefer so let's say I'll choose the automatic table to design and notice the table of contents has been created automatically now if.

You go and change somewhere in the document let's say you change one of the headings and your mark it as a different header let's say this heading you either.

Add it or you modify it or you change it some way you go back to Home tab and you specify a different let's say we make this instead of heading number three we make it as heading number two so shared information now in order to update that in the table of contents you need to go back to the table of contents click once on it and then choose update table this function it will update choose the update entire table that will update the definition for the new style that are you you're using the new headers that you're using as well as the page numbers corresponding to now if you want to take this further since we are discussing table of contents and I'll do another Tech Talk on this specific item now how do you modify let's say I want to format this heading number two differently so it's a different font or different highlighting and that type of thing what you can do is simply select that section of heading number two or simply go to heading number two right click on it and choose modify once you click on modify you can specify a different type of fund you can change let's say two italics make a size smaller and underline it if. You'd prefer or a different color and different set the different properties here you can change also the formatting for the paragraph kinds of other options and choose automatically update click OK and now wherever that style or that heading is applied it has been updated throughout the document notice I didn't have to go to this section or this section if for some reason you changed your mind again right-click on the style choose modify and let's say we want to make it to underline it just choose underline click OK notice now it will be updated everywhere throughout the document so as far as the changing of the theme right-click choose modify choose whatever properties you want to modify in that document or in that style click OK and it's applied throughout the document so in this tech talk you learned how to create a simple table of contents as well as modify the different styles the heading styles for your document that you are working you can use the modification of the styles and you can use styles in a variety of ways not just in the table of contents but also in day-to-day formatting of documents that is it

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