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MS Word - Table part 1

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MS Word - Table part 1

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Lecture By: Mr. Pavan Lalwani Tutorials Point India Private Limited

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In this video we'll see how to work on the tables we can create table delete table insert we can cut copy paste and do many things with this table itself but in this video that's a part 1 video of table we'll see three things how to insert a table we'll see how to work on table Styles and the third one we'll see for the table Styles options so let us see that so I'll just go to the new page now and I'll create a table here yeah so I've come to the new page here how do we create a table creating table can be done by many methods you can just first go to the insert tab click on this insert drop-down once you click on that you can select the size of the table yourself like this if you want to select some few columns and few rows like this you can select and as soon as you select it will be drawn on the sheet of you know page itself that is one method second method is I'll just press control set to go take it back second method is you can go to the insert tab and you see there's an option as insert table so once you click on insert table you'll get a dialog box it will manually ask you how many number of columns and how many number of rows you want so by default it says the number of columns are five and the number of rows are two so I'll try to increase that rows and columns would be five five and I'll click on ok so you see there are five columns and 5 rows which are automatically got it so this way you can create a table and now once I create a table I'll get this two tabs one is the design tab and second is the Layout tab in this design tab you can work related to all the coloring part you can do the formatting and layout you can work on structure part of the table so let us see with the design tab and the first thing is I'll show you how to work on table Styles so I'll just click on this drop down these are all the inbuilt styles available by Microsoft Word so you can select any one of them let's say I'll select this black one and you see the first row is been highlighted because it contains heading of the table the alternate rules are given here any of if you observe alternate rows have been colored right alternate rows have been colored so that is nothing but known as banded rows right alternate rows are colored here if you see that is the table style option banded rows so if I click on banded rows observe what will happen so I'll just select it you see what happened if I click on that it came back so alternate rows will be colored that is nothing but banded rows I'll just remove that I do not want next if you see there's a banded columns right now the color the columns are not colored but if I select here as banded columns see what happens alternate columns will be colored you can say as banded columns so if I deselect it it will go back right so that is you know playing with the structure party I mean playing with the design part itself next is if you see there's a title column okay title column is colored into black if you want you can remove the color by just clicking on this header row if you click on the header row that will go back so why we are doing that when you represent a table it looks good whether this is proper heading part you can show them that's a proper heading part itself similarly if there is one option I will just select one of them again yeah like this now if you see that's the first column and that is the first row which is highlighted you know first sorry first column and the first row that is nothing but a row header that is the first column if I click on this first column say this first column was highlighted now it has been removed itself so that is the first column similarly for the last column I've selected and the last column got activity this is one more a very important thing that is nothing but a total row so if I click on total row usually the total is calculated in the last row itself so that has been highlighted so I'll just remove this total row total row you can write all the formulas functions and everything so I'll just just remove this last column itself and the first column so this way if you want you can add the table Styles like this there are so many table cells are available and if you want to create your own table style you can just click on this new tables type right so if you click on this new table style you can do loads of formatting related to their table styles and then you can click on OK itself so right now I will not go into that and I'll just come back to the place so this was the topic which I have completed in part 1 how to insert a table how to create different table styles and have the working with table style options so that's all for this video

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